Astronomy 129: Astronomy I Lab

Section L91 Fall 2009


Lab Day:  Monday

Location: Science Center, room 126

Time: 7:00-10:00PM (section L91)



Instructor: Dr. George Chartas

Office: 129 RHSC

Office hours: MWF 3:00-4:00 pm

Phone: (843) 953-3609







31 Aug

Introduction to Lab,  Safety Briefing, Tour of Observing Deck

Lab Chapter 2 (Constellations, Star Names, and Star Charts)

Lab Chapter 8 (Angular Size)


7 Sept

Lab Chapter 3 (Celestial Coordinates)

Celestron 8Ó Telescope Setup Checklist (Telescope Assembly and Finderscope Collimation )

Lab Chapter 9 (Field of View)


14 Sept

Lab Chapter 11: Observing Techniques I (Fall)

For non-observing conditions the lab will be Chapter 6 (The Rotating Star Chart) and Lab Chapter 21

 21 Sept

Lab Chapter 22: Observing Techniques II (Fall)

For non-observing conditions the lab will be Chapter 13 (Phases) and Chapter 14 (Eclipses and Shadows)

28 Sept

Chapter 17 (Solar System Motions and Alignments)


5 Oct

Chapter 18 (KeplerŐs Law)


12 Oct



19 Oct

Lab Chapter 6 (The Rotating Star Chart),  Lab Chapter 21


26 Oct

Chapter 13 (Phases), Chapter 14 (Eclipses and Shadows)


2 Nov

Chapter 24 (Mission to Mars), Chapter 25 (Mars Lander)


9 Nov

Chapter 15 (Lunar Features), Chapter 16 (Cratering)



16 Nov

Video: "Blue Planet"; Quiz: Essay on video; Chapter 20 Greenhouse Effect


23 Nov

Chapter 19 (Mass of Jupiter)


30 Nov

Video: "Life Beyond Earth: Are We Alone?",  Discussion of Extraterrestrial Life (handout)


7 Dec

Make-up lab