ASTRO 210: Black Holes in the Universe

Section 1, Spring 2017


Lecture:  Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Location: J. C. Long, room 219 

Time:  MWF 2:00-2:50 pm



Instructor: Dr. George Chartas

Office: 206 J. C. Long

Office hours: MWF : 3:00 - 4:00 pm  

Phone: (843) 953-3609




The required textbook for the course is GravityŐs Fatal Attraction, Black Holes in the Universe Second Edition by Mitchell Begelman and Martin Rees. Recommended textbook for the course is Black Holes and Time Warps, EinsteinŐs Outrageous Legacy by Kip S. Thorne. Please let me know if you have a conflict with any of the test and final exam dates.






11 Jan

Ch. 1 Gravity Triumphant



13 Jan

Ch. 1



16 Jan

Martin Luther King Holiday

observed -- No Classes



18 Jan

Ch. 1



20 Jan

Ch. 2 Stars and Their Fates



23 Jan

Ch. 2



25 Jan

Ch. 2



27 Jan

Ch. 3 Black Holes in our Backyard



30 Jan

Ch. 3



1 Feb

Ch. 3



3 Feb

Ch. 4 Galaxies and Their Nuclei



6 Feb

Ch. 4



8 Feb

Ch. 4



10 Feb

Ch. 5 Quasars and Kin



13 Feb

Ch. 5



15 Feb

Ch. 5



17 Feb

Test 1, chapters 1-5



20 Feb

Ch. 6 Jets



22 Feb

Ch. 6



24 Feb

Ch. 6



27 Feb

Ch. 7 Blasts from the Past



1 Mar

Ch. 7



3 Mar

Ch. 7



6 Mar

Spring Break



8 Mar

Spring Break



10 Mar

Spring Break



13 Mar

Presentations I


Title: SgrA*: The supermassive black hole in the Galactic center (Shaina Mae Mainar, Kathryn Dolan)


Title: Magnetic Fields in the Vicinity of Black Holes

(Grayson Lovelace, Samantha Horodecki)

15 Mar

Ch. 8 Black Holes in Hibernation



17 Mar

Ch. 8



20 Mar

Presentations II


Title: Binary supermassive black holes (Annalyn Kohler , Logan Avera)


Title: The maximum mass of a neutron star and efforts to measure the fundamental properties of neutron stars. (Balley Kindrick, Hannah Broder)

22 Mar

Ch. 8



23 Mar

Last day for students to withdraw with a

grade of "W" from full semester classes.



24 Mar

Test 2, chapters 6-8



27 Mar

Ch. 9 Cosmic Feedback



29 Mar

Presentations III


Title: The Theory of Cosmological Natural Selection

(Paul Miller, Grace Waddell)


Title: Modern tests of special and general relativity

(Drew Ayers)

31 Apr

Ch. 9



3 Apr

Presentations IV



Title: Supernovae and Hypernovae in the Universe

(Matt Reale, Sean Quinn)


Title:  Black Hole Interiors and Singularities

(Vincent James, Taylor Daniels)

5 Apr

Ch. 10 Checking up on Einstein



7 Apr

Ch. 10



10 Apr

Ch. 10



12 Apr

Presentations V



Title: Effects Near Black Holes

(Michaela McCarthy, Lucille Williamson)


Title: Black Hole Entropy and Hawking Radiation

(Eric Davidson, Manuel Canas, Lukas Zalesky)


14 Apr

Ch. 11 Through the Horizon



17 Apr

Test 3, chapters 9-10



19 Apr



Title: The Discovery of Gravitational Waves

Jacob Atkins, Dylan Jones, Hunter Kelly


21 Apr

Neutrino Astronomy (IceCube)




24 Apr

Neutrino Astronomy (IceCube)



26 Apr




27 Apr




1 May

FINAL EXAM (12:00pm–3:00pm)