ASTRO 210: Black Holes in the Universe

Section 1, Spring 2015


Lecture:  Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Location: J. C. Long, room 219 

Time:  MWF 2:00-2:50 pm



Instructor: Dr. George Chartas

Office: 206 J. C. Long

Office hours: MWF : 3:00 - 4:00 pm  

Phone: (843) 953-3609




The required textbook for the course is GravityŐs Fatal Attraction, Black Holes in the Universe Second Edition by Mitchell Begelman and Martin Rees. Recommended textbook for the course is Black Holes and Time Warps, EinsteinŐs Outrageous Legacy by Kip S. Thorne. Please let me know if you have a conflict with any of the test and final exam dates.






12 Jan

Ch. 1 Gravity Triumphant



14 Jan

Ch. 1



16 Jan

Ch. 1



19 Jan

Martin Luther King Holiday observed -- No Classes



21 Jan

Ch. 2 Stars and Their Fates



23 Jan

Ch. 2



26 Jan

Ch. 2



28 Jan

Ch. 3 Black Holes in our Backyard



30 Jan

Ch. 3



2 Feb

Ch. 3



4 Feb

Ch. 4 Galaxies and Their Nuclei



6 Feb

Ch. 4



9 Feb

Ch. 4



11 Feb

Ch. 5 Quasars and Kin



13 Feb

Ch. 5



16 Feb

Ch. 5



18 Feb

Test 1, chapters 1-5



20 Feb

Ch. 6 Jets



23 Feb

Ch. 6



25 Feb

Ch. 6



27 Feb

Ch. 7 Blasts from the Past



2 Mar

Spring Break



4 Mar

Spring Break



6 Mar

Spring Break



9 Mar

Ch. 7



11 Mar

Ch. 7



13 Mar

Presentations I


Title:  The spectra of quasars and their maximum brightness

(Aaron Guiseley and Dylan Collier)

16 Mar

Ch. 8 Black Holes in Hibernation



18 Mar

Ch. 8



20 Mar

Presentations II


 Title: Microquasars

(Katerina Serpanos and Tess Van Scott )

23 Mar

Ch. 8



25 Mar

Test 2, chapters 6-8



27 Mar

Ch. 9 Cosmic Feedback



30 Mar

Presentations III


Title: Black Holes: Interiors and Singularities (Wesley Tucker and Chris Johnson)

1 Apr

Ch. 9



3 Apr

Presentations IV



Title: Implications of relativity for travel to distant stars

(Corinne Tayor and Danielle Wilson)


Title: Cosmological natural selection

(Hannah Lambert and Trey Fisher)

6 Apr

Ch. 10 Checking up on Einstein



8 Apr

Ch. 10



10 Apr

Ch. 10



13 Apr

Presentations V



Title: Extreme effects near a black hole (spaghettification,

 strong curvature of light, apparent stoppage of time

(Jacob Epps and Kensley Burriss)


Title: The maximum mass of a neutron star and efforts to measure the fundamental properties of neutron stars

(Maxwell D Hyska and Victoria Payachana)

15 Apr

Ch. 11 Through the Horizon



17 Apr

Ch. 11



20 Apr

Presentations VI


Title: The Speed of Light:  historical and modern

measurements of the speed of light, and the implications

of light in the universe.

(Sarah Strickland and Darien Bucher)


Title: Mini black holes and Multiple dimensions

(Amanda Dinges and Jenna Snow)

22 Apr

Ch. 11




24 Apr

Presentations VII


Title: The effects of relativity upon the Global Positioning

System (GPS) satellites.(Marcus Johnson, Patrick Hackett)


Title: The super massive black hole at the galactic center

(Elisabeth Krall, Matt Gordner).


27 Apr




28 Apr